FixTec, a division of FAITSCH PRODUCTS, is the exclusive importer and distributor of SPAX screws in Southern Africa. The company’s aim is to provide local consumers with access to the finest quality tools and materials available. FixTec’s Christian Faitsch has 30 years of experience and a real passion for the fastener business. He started his company in order to supply the highest possible quality of fasteners to customers across Southern Africa.

Faitsch says: “With SPAX we have the widest and best quality range of screws for the woodworking industry. Our clients will confirm that once you have worked with SPAX, you won’t want to use anything else. We extend our range of SPAX on a regular base to be able to provide our loyal customers with the latest innovative solutions. ”

SPAX products are renowned for safety, reliability, strength and efficiency. In 1823, Altenloh, Brinck and Co, the SPAX parent company, became the first German concern to start industrial production of screws. Over the past century, the SPAX name has become synonymous with the highest quality fastening elements. In 1967, ABC also revolutionised the market with the introduction of the SPAX ‘universal screw’ which subsequently conquered the world. The SPAX range of screws is also licensed by the majority of international building authorities.


Fixtec supplies customers countrywide from its warehouse in Strand. They keep a huge range of SPAX supplies in stock and aim to guarantee that all products are available at all times.


Products include:

• Wood construction screws from 6mm to 10mm diameter and a range of length from 60mm to 600mm.
• Chipboard screws from 3mm to 8mm thread diameter and length from 12mm to 300mm
• Many other innovative screws from SPAX as a sample for wooden decking, wooden facades and window frames.


The length of each SPAX screw for wood construction is stamped in the screw head. After installation it is easy to check if the specified length was used. We provide the official SPAX Design Guide to calculate the strength and forces.


SPAX screws are cost effective.

• Long term it is far more cost effective to pay a little more for SPAX screws, which work best for all applications, and are also the safest option available.
• Working with SPAX saves on labour, machinery and material (no brackets, nails, etc.)
• Furthermore no pre-drilling is required.


ALL screws are case hardened which makes them a long-lasting and secure for fixing. By combining the square SPAX 4CUT point with the SPAX multi head and the SPAX ground serrations you get a high-tech screw in a class of its own. For wood construction screws we keep a special Wirox coating in stock. The advantage of Wirox lasts ten times longer due to corrosion as any galvanized screw. For a reliable, safe and strong application there is only one screw on the market: SPAX from FixTec.